Hunting in Croatia

Birds and small game

Birds and small game

woodcock, quail, coturns

Hunting quail on the return of the quails to their winter home is a special hunting opportunity. The quail rests in Croatia and it accommodate food to take to strengthen for long flight back home.

Woodcock hunting

Hunting in Croatia opens on the first of October, but the first meetings take place from the middle of October. Normally after October 25, good results are obtained in the woods in the central and northern part of Croatia. On the continent you hunt during November, on several occasions you get great meetings in beech, fir, oak and acacia woods. On good days, the group of two or three hunters can make a dozen meetings. At the end of November, the queen of the forest moves to the coastal areas. This hunt is dedicated to the real hunters who are more passionate about seeing the dog’s work than the carnivore. Our professional guides will be at your disposal during your hunting stay and will make your holiday a passionate memory. Accommodation is scheduled in hotels or hunting lodges near hunting areas, offering excellent local cuisine.

Quail hunting

The quail hunt in Croatia starts August 1st and closes at the end of September. We organize hunting in northeastern Croatia, where there is a perfect habitat for quail. We go to the stumps surrounded by fields of corn, rape, sunflower etc. In this habitat, nesting numerous quails that offer great meetings at the beginning of the season, August 10 begins the pace that lasts until the end of September. To the north of the hunting areas lies the great plain of Hungary, a great basin for the migration of numerous quails. It’s a not very challenging but fun hunt, great gym to start training young hunting dogs. The accommodation is planned in a hunting lodge, located on a hill surrounded by vineyards, offering a beautiful view of the underlying plains. The treatment will be full board with excellent local cuisine. Dogs will be housed in excellent fenced box.

Big game

Starting from the coastal areas we have beautiful mountains where we organize hunting and chamois hunting, going to the central part of the village are the Lika and Gorski Kotar areas with huge forests where there is a population of about 1,200 bears. Continuing to the east of Croatia we find a vast plain where wild boars, deer and roe deer. At your request we organize big game hunting.

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